Need a Business Video? Tips for a Professional Look

Videos help your customers or if you prefer the term, guests, feel more comfortable in visiting your business.

So, a press release from PR Newswire offering video tips caught my eye. I’m in agreement. That’s what I recommend to clients, and business-news videos are a big attraction for this portal.

Videos, as a marketing tool, are great because they enable prospects to actually see your business from their computers. You can be seen as hospitable. Videos can help your prospects feel like guests.

Moreover, try a good video for credibility if you need a game-changer.

PR Newswire offers reminders if you do it yourself with a simple camera.

PR Newswire’s tips:

— Quick and simple product demos – nothing too complex requiring zooming in and out or different camera angles.

— Short interviews at events, or on-the-spot customer testimonials

— Offering a timely “sneak peek” at a daily special or a behind the scenes view

But here’s the catch: Such casual videos are often fine for a YouTube presentation.

But appearances are important. That’s why I recommend and use pros for my client TV commercials, YouTube and for Web site presentations.

PR Newswire’s suggestions on how to use videos:

— If you have a physical location, show the video on a loop for customers to see

—  Incorporate the video into business pitches

— Embed videos in e-mail communications

— Post the video to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and any other social media presences you’ve established. If your friends, fans and followers like it, they’ll share it with their friends, fans and followers, multiplying your audience exponentially

— Show it to your mom. She’ll love it!

In this Digital Age, businesspeople and consumers are accustomed to high definition and good production techniques. So call a video pro to do it right – planning is key.

You can be seen as hospitable. Videos can help your prospects feel like guests.

Nine questions to ask of a video-production house:

  1. What about the script?
  2. Conducting interviews?
  3. The location or a studio?
  4. Are props needed?
  5. What about securing permits, which includes the talents’ OK to use their images? (Note: a minor needs to have signed authorization from the legal guardian or parent.)
  6. Editing and posting?
  7. How and where should the video be positioned?
  8. Counsel on what to say and how to say it?
  9. How much is my investment?

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Hospitality: Making your guests feel like they’re at home, even if you wish they were.


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