Need a Game-changer? Try a Good Video for More Credibility

The Los Angeles Business Journal annually names its business person of year. In announcing its selection, it uses quality video.

Not a surprise, either. Americans want more than a snapshot. They love videos in the theatre, at home or on the computer.

Research firmComScore routinely reports that an ever-increasing number of people watch video on the Internet billions of times.

In 2013, the business publication chose Russell Goldsmith as its “person of the year.”

It was also not a surprise the video was produced by an award-winning Los Angeles firm, Focus Creative (

Obviously, Focus Creative designs and delivers an impressive potpourri of media communications.

“When honoring someone, a well designed video will share more about the individual than simply a speaker,” says Focus Creative President and Executive Producer Robert Grossman. “Video is a wonderful story tool.”

An obvious question – how does it work?

“During the interviewing process, we can ask questions in response to what the interviewee shared very similar to a reporter,” Mr. Grossman explains. “By adding photos and b-roll, the video takes on a much deeper texture and hopefully helps the audience to like this person even more.”

Tip for event planners

“A well done video will also increase the value of the event and thereby increase the amount of sponsorship dollars,” he says.

“There are so many ways to leverage video,” offers Mr. Grossman. “Today you can post your video on a website, video sharing sites, share it via social media.  You can use it to draw attendance to future events.”

Mistakes to avoid in videos

“The number one mistake is doing it yourself if you are not a pro,” he asserts. “The cost of equipment has dropped, but just because you have paint and paintbrushes, it does not make you an artist.”

He says video is an art form that deserves respect.

“From creating the story, the interview process and also post production, every person from the camera operator to lighting design and post production is an artist and should be an expert at their trade,” says Mr. Grossman. “There really are not any shortcuts, everything is critical when creating a video.”


Whether you’re an event planner or if you’re planning to make your business more relevant and credible, consider the approach by the Los Angeles Business Journal. Good videos should be part of marketing mix.

(Disclosure: I’m proud to say Mr. Grossman is a friend of mine; the results of his award-winning work speak for themselves.)

From the Coach’s Corner, if you’re planning an event, see Mr. Grossman’s 25 emergency preparedness tips.

“All of the books in the world contain no more information than is broadcast as video in a single large American city in a single year.”

-Carl Sagan


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