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U.S. Tech Jobs Decline In 2009, But Less Than Other Sectors


April 27, 2010

A new study shows the U.S. high-tech industry lost four percent of its jobs – 245,600 workers – last year. TechAmerica Foundation issued its findings in its study entitled, Cyberstates 2010, which are from federal employment data.

The four percent decline compares to a five percent decrease in the aggregate of private-sector jobs. Some 5.9 million tech workers earned an average paycheck of $84,400. The average American worker made $45,400.

The most-challenged tech sector – manufacturing – lost 112,600 jobs in declining by 8.1 percent.

Software increased by 10,100 workers in Q4. That’s a 1 percent increase.

Communication services declined by 54,000 jobs or 3.9 percent.

Engineering and tech services lost 59,100 jobs – 3.6 percent.

The study also provides high-tech data for each of the 50 states, and the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. But it’s for 2008.

The five states by the number of tech workers:

  • California – 993,000
  • Texas – 492,400
  • New York – 312,000
  • Florida – 292,300
  • Virginia – 283,400

The top five states in creation of tech jobs:

  • California – 15,700
  • Texas – 14,700
  • Washington – 9,300
  • Massachusetts 6,300
  • Virginia – 5,700

Virginia had the highest-per capita number of tech workers: 95 per 1,000 jobs.

In 47 states, the average paycheck was 50 higher than in the private sector.

In five states, the pay was 100 percent higher.

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