Health Expert Refutes ObamaCare Claims by Washington Insurance Commissioner

ObamaCare continues to fail in Washington state despite claims by the state’s insurance commissioner, Mike Kreidler. That’s the conclusion from an expert analyst — a doctor — at the authoritative think tank, the Washington Policy Center (WPC),

“The legislation isn’t working for Washingtonians, even as high-ranking state officials say it is,” says WPC Health Care Analyst Roger Stark.

“The press release the insurance commissioner sent out is very misleading,” adds the physician.

ID-100102373 stockimages.In claiming 323,000 Washingtonians had signed up successfully,  Mr. Kreidler proclaimed the Affordable Care Act as a success in his press release on Jan. 30, 2014.

Dr. Stark points out two salient discrepancies in the insurance commissioner’s news release:

– Instead of paying their own way, more than 80 percent of those enrollees actually signed up for Medicaid, the state’s entitlement program, which is funded by taxpayers.

– Nearly 300,000 Washington residents have lost their health-care coverage, as a result of ObamaCare.

“The state insurance commissioner’s press releases should accurately reflect the real and harmful effects the health-care law is having on the people of our state,” said Dr. Stark. 

Six assertions

In all, Dr. Stark makes these important points:

1. Some 290,000 Washingtonians have lost their health-care coverage because of ObamaCare.

2. In 2014, thousands of Washington workers are expected to receive cancellation notices, as ObamaCare’s employer mandate causes companies to drop health coverage for employees.

3. State officials don’t know how many of the people who have lost their health coverage are included in the 323,000 they claim have newly enrolled.

4. Four out of five — 82 percent — of new enrollees signed up for Medicaid, which is covered 100 percent by taxpayers.

5. If 290,000 have lost their coverage because of ObamaCare and 323,000 have signed up, the net gain is just 33,000.

6. In a harsh November ruling, Commissioner Kreidler barred thousands of Washington residents from keeping insurance plans that they liked.

Dr. Stark offers solutions to the ObamaCare nightmare: He advocates a health-care expansion of consumer choices to reduce costs via increased competition and allowing Washingtonians to shop across state lines.

The insurance commissioner’s misrepresentations mirror claims in President Obama’s State of the Union speech. That’s when he said more than nine million Americans had received coverage under ObamaCare, which is disputed by fact-checkers.

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“No man is good enough to govern another man without the other’s consent.”

-Abraham Lincoln 


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