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As a long-time business-performance consultant, Terry Corbell has been described as an informative, entertaining speaker.

Terry Corbell’s Experience

As publisher of The Biz Coach, the Internet’s No. 1 ranked biz-coach site, he’s authored 1,200 business-coaching articles in providing Proven Solutions for Maximum Profits.

KOMO News has invited him to plan a weekly radio program for 2017.

Since 1992, his voice in radio-TV commercials to sell client products have aired thousands of times from Seattle to Florida and he’s trained countless employees of clients.

Prior to his consulting practice, he enjoyed a sales and management career, and was an award-winning broadcast journalist.

Suggested Topics

His most-popular speaking topic is The 7 Steps to Higher Sales. It’s easily tailored at the right length for your business meeting, and comes with an informative handout.

This presentation includes:

  • Five value perceptions that motivate customers to buy

  • 7 steps to higher sales

  • 3-step process for overcoming sales objections

Other suggested topics include:

  • The 8 Best Practices to Win in Small Business Marketing

  • Classic Red Flags You’re about to Lose a Sale – How to Save It

  • The 5 Steps of Giving Constructive Criticism to a Valued Employee or Supplier

  • Step-by-Step Solutions for a Financial Turnaround

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Seattle business consultant Terry Corbell provides high-performance management services and strategies.